Sunday, December 30, 2007

On the muffcake

Mike W: So I made you a cupcake.
Tara: That's so sweet!
Mike W: Actually, it's sort of like a muffin crossed with a cupcake, so it's a muffcake.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all...

Zeke: i was pretty surprised to see you were being inked out there. never figured you for a body mod
Tara: I didn't either, but it all started to click almost 2 years ago. I think I'm done though. 3 is enough. did I show you any of them before?
Zeke: not one. i was kinda surprised
Tara: hmm. that's funny. at this point I'm not sure who has and who hasn't seen them
Zeke: i have a friend who can say that about her breasts
Tara: LOL
Zeke: i am on the "seen 'em" list, unfortunately. they're nice and all, don't get me wrong....but it kinda warps the dynamic afterward

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On kittens

Neil: So I have "The Proposition" to watch.
Tara: You're not saying we should watch it, are you?
Neil: No, for me to watch.
Natalie: I, personally, couldn't do it. There were 3 scenes that were unwatchable.
Tara: When Natalie left the first time I stayed, and she came back for a while, but there was this one point when we both realized there was a rapin' about to happen, so we were both done. I think we both actually put up our hand and said something like "I'm done!" and went to the office and looked at pictures of kittens for an hour.
Ryan: Kittens: the anti-rape!

On pain

Tara: The thing that scares me is that the more things that get fixed, the more work I have to do.
Coworker 1: Yeah, but at least your stuff is getting fixed.
Tara: Right, but if the translations weren't messed up and the CMS broken, I could have been done a lot of this a couple of weeks ago.
Coworker 2: That's true. His stuff takes months to get fixed so it's long and painful, but your stuff is short and very painful.
Tara: So it's like a choice between childbirth and cancer.
[manic laughter born of stress and rapidly-approaching deadlines laughing all around]
Coworker 2: True!
Coworker 1: I think I'd take childbirth.
Coworker 3: I think I'd take cancer.
Coworker 2: Be careful what you wish for.
Tara: That's right. You could get cancer and a baby.
Coworker 2: Or. No. Wait. I can't do it.
Tara: What? He could get a baby with cancer?
Coworker 2: We were all thinking it.
Coworker 3: Hey, babies are born bald anyway.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On the Merry Widow House pact

Tara: Wonder bread is very soft, but over time, especially when compounded with bologna, might kill people
Natalie: i have never completely understood bologna. it kind of...frightens me. not as much as the bologna with macaroni in it, though. that's just flat out terrifying
Tara: okay, that's disgusting. I used to eat bologna when I was in highschool, but that was also when I ate burgers for breakfast
Natalie: wow
Tara: now? not so much
Natalie: wasn't there also a time you lived on those little chocolate bites?
Tara: yes. hershey, reese's and skor bits. and coca-cola
Natalie: amazing what you can do to your body =)
Tara: I'm surprised it still works
Natalie: well, you're making up for it
Tara: I'm trying. if I'm going to live to be 100, I'd at least like to do it with a strong body
Natalie: heh. agreed. I think we should make a pact =)
Tara: organic food and a home gym in the widow house? or just that we'll have a widow house, since we'll both live forever?
Natalie: I was thinking the Merry Widow House pact, yes, but organic food and home gym sounds fabulous
Tara: it absolutely needs to be called the merry widow house pact
Natalie: we can each have an office that lets a lot of light in
Tara: and you'll have a couple of cats and I'll have a french bulldog named petunia, and they'll all play nice
Natalie: they will. they'll all be the same size =)
Tara: or we get a lab, and the cats can ride it
Natalie: hee. that would work too. we'll take all of them for walks together, the cats on the dog
Tara: it'll be beautiful. the way cats and dogs were meant to be together
Natalie: as horse and rider?
Tara: I'm not sure. I didn't work it out that far yet in my head
Natalie: just the peacefulness =)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Guest entry: On promotions

Shaynan: I'm scared
Ed: ?
Shaynan: Spirit airlines is having a MILF sale. I'm not kidding. "many islands, low fares"
Ed: That. is. awesome.
Shaynan: how does no one in their marketing department know what MILF means?
Ed: Cougars, half off!
Shaynan: "Now is the perfect time to book that trip to paradise. Spirit is offering great, low fares to many exotic destinations at incredibly low fares". that is actual copy from their promo email
Ed: Can you forward that to me?...and can I publish part of this conversation?
Shaynan: absolutely. "from $9 each way". does that mean anal is included?