Saturday, January 16, 2010

New blog--for realsies

So I did the tumblr thing for a little while and rapidly figured out that I wanted a blog, not necessarily tumblr.

Checkout the new blog at It's me fighting boredom with a lot of books, movies, tv shows, and games, and writing all about it. Also, because I can rarely peel myself away from my RSS reader, I'll be sharing things I think are interesting.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New blog

Does anyone even check here anymore?

If so, and for all of you who ended up here because you're looking for photos of Nigella's boobs (you know who you are), I have a new blog that has even less to do with those boobs than this one did.

Check me out at I'll be sharing my thoughts on movies, books, music and tv shows, but not necessarily new releases. I'll also be posting stories from other sites that I like or think are important.

No gushy feelings on that blog. No personal stories for the forseeable future.

This blog was fun but people stopped saying random, insane things around me. Or I stopped thinking they're random or insane. Either way, you know where to find me now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Champix side effects

Tara: so what are the side effects you're having?
Neil: well, i am very tired and prone to feeling weak.
in the morning i often feel nauseous to the point of wondering if i'm going to throw up.
i have very vivid dreams and my sleep isn't very restful.
i may be pregnant.
you got me pregnant.
look what you did!

Monday, May 26, 2008

On soap

Coworker 2: Did you just take a shower?
Coworker 3: Yeah. Because I just rode the bike and I didn't want to smell like bike.
Tara: We appreciate that you don't want to smell like bike either.
Coworker 3: Especially since bike smells like old feet.
Tara: So you would smell like old feet.
Coworker 3: Right. When I could smell like something delicious like peppermint.
Tara: There are many better things to smell like than old feet.
Coworker 3: Check out this bottle. The label looks like it was written by a schizophrenic shaman.
Tara: [Laughs until she thinks she may no longer breathe and nearly chokes on the apple she was chewing]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

On hen's teeth

Ed: sigh
Tara: ?
Ed: I described something as being like hen's teeth in chat.
Tara: okay
Ed: They'd never heard of it. I said it means rare or impossible to find.
Tara: oh dear
Ed: Then said it was my fault, I forgot they didn't speak old.
Tara: I know what it is and so does my brother Matthew
Ed: Thank you. I appreciate the gesture. (:
Tara: it's true though. matthew used it in his msn name recently. something about how jobs in amherstburg are about as common as hen's teeth
Ed: Sounds about right.
Tara: luckily he got a job at subway
Ed: (:

2 hours pass...

Ed: and at that point even I noticed I was rambling.
Tara: you're not. this is very goode. good even
Ed: (:
Tara: I was feeling olde-timey ;)
Ed: It's all good, olde-timey people are like hen's teeth. You were saying. (:
Tara: I actually laughed out loud

On therapy

Tara: Hey dude, how's it going?
Natalie: Great. My therapist is awesome. Like a grandma.
Neil: Really?
Natalie: Yeah, but in a "my grandma can kick your grandma's ass kind of way".
Tara: That's the greatest thing I've heard all week.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

On Portal

Neil: You know, being drunk makes me think about portals.
Tara: I need to go blog that right now.