Saturday, April 5, 2008

On Portal

Neil: You know, being drunk makes me think about portals.
Tara: I need to go blog that right now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On quotation marks

Coworker 3: Someone sent me some changes for the newsletter and one of them is...:

They by far and away prefer debit cards to any type of credit or consumer charge cards.
and she is wondering if there should be quotes or something around "far and away"
Tara: NO
Coworker 3: which, seems very very wrong
Tara: fuck. absolutely not
Coworker 3: okay that's what i thought
Tara: I'm so tired of superfluous quotation marks
Coworker 3: i wouldn't call them "superfluous"
Tara: I should get a t-shirt made that says: I'm so "tired" of superfluous quotation marks
Coworker 3: lol. for sure. and i'll say, hey tara i really "like" your tshirt. air quotes will be added
Tara: are you sure you don't "really" like it?
Coworker 3: i'm going to steal it, so i'll say: i really like "your" shirt
Tara: I love it. I mean, I "love" it.