Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On my future dogs

Natalie: The pirate pomeranian on Cuteoverload is killing me
Tara: heh. I know. and that pug is unbelievable
Natalie: oh, he's pretty awesome
Tara: I need to own a ridiculous dog someday
Natalie: You do. you will =)
Tara: I imagine some day I'll be married and have tiny skinny kids who are constantly chasing after a pug who can't control the direction of its eyes or keep its tongue in its mouth
Natalie: laughing that's an amazing vision
Tara: I could do much worse. either that or we have a german shepherd and they just ride it all day. "get off the dog". "but he likes it!"
Natalie: ha! that's awesome. of COURSE the dogs WANTS to be ridden
Tara: and why wouldn't he? he also obviously wants the peanut butter sandwich the small one shared with him. (can you tell I don't feel like editing right now?)
Natalie: (yep) (and that's also awesome)